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1. instantCMR is aware that you care how information about you is collected, stored and shared and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully.

2. By using the instantCMR app you agree to this privacy policy.

3. Type of use.
The use of the instantCMR app is possible in two scenarios:
– personal
– company

Personal use:
– After the app is downloaded you send a request to our customer service and we create an account, send an invite and send information about usage conditions.
– No third party has access to your personally identifiable information.

Company use:
– Your company makes an agreement with instantCMR about group usage
– The app is downloaded by you or your company’s stakeholder to your mobile device
– Your company and its designated stakeholders have access to your personally identifiable information as detailed in this privacy policy
– You are one of the users in the same company group, and your company and its designated stakeholders have primary control over your account (in terms of creation, modification, deletion)

4. Personally identifiable information collection and storage
During the use of the instantCMR app, data is collected and stored which constitutes personally identifiable information.
Personally identifiable information we collect:
4.1. Information you give us:
– your name
– your username
– your email address (for invitation and to transfer submissions to)
– in company use scenario: your company name

4.2. Information we get from the use of the instantCMR app:
– your username
– your email address (optional)
– target company email addresses to transfer submissions (and email user name optionally)
– time of registration
– pictures taken with the app
– text inserted in text boxes
– location information for every submission
– submission time (equals your phone’s clock)
– submission arrival time (equals arrival on server)
– log information (as detailed in this privacy policy)
– usage statistics (as detailed in this privacy policy)
– crash reports (as detailed in this privacy policy)
– We may collect and store information (including personal information) locally on your device

5. Personally identifiable information sharing:
In the personal use scenario, the purpose of data collection and storage is to share these with you via email.

In the company use scenario, the purpose of data collection and storage is to share these with your company and its designated stakeholders.

In the latter case it is the responsibility of your company to make a privacy agreement with you prior to the use of the app and to inform you about the methods of personally identifiable information collection, storage, sharing and usage.

6. instantCMR does not use any of your personally identifiable information collected for its own business purposes (except as described in this privacy policy e.g. troubleshooting, summarized usage statistics etc.)

7. Data storage interval
For business purposes, instantCMR stores all business data, including personally identifiable information for 1 year. This may vary in case of unique company cases, but in that case it is specified in the separate company agreement.

8. Log information
Logs include the following personally identifiable information:
– ’instanceid’: links the user, device and app, generated by android OS
– ’deviceid’: your device’s unique id
– ’subscriberid’: your SIM card’s unique id
– Device type: including manufacturer, model, serial
– Operating system data: sdk version, codename, patch, patch date
– instantCMR app package name and version
– user name
– any data entered in the app
– time stamps recorded during the use of the app

9. Usage statistics
instantCMR uses the data collected and stored (including: personally identifiable information) from all of its users to make usage statistics. In this case the particular pieces of data is unpersonalised and cannot be linked to a particular user.

10. Crash reports
instantCMR might use your personally identifiable information -that is involved in technical issues- for troubleshooting and bug fixing. For this purpose we use Google Inc’s Fabric product.

The Fabric Services (Services) automatically collect certain information that does not personally identify End Users who access or use mobile applications that use the Services. This information includes, but is not limited to, device state information, unique device identifiers, device hardware and OS information, information relating to how an application functions, and the physical location of a device at the time of a crash.

In addition, instantCMR enables certain features of the Services that allows Fabric to collect some End Users’ personally identifiable information, as well as whether the End User installed or used the instantCMR app and feedback that End Users voluntarily provide.

The extent of the personally identifiable information is the same as listed in points 4.2. and 8.

11. Your data (including personally identifiable information) is synchronized from or to the mobile is protected via 3 layers of security:
– Protocol level SSL
– HMAC-SHA256 based message digest authentication

Additionally, it is protected from MITM attacks (authentication is done without sending the password).

12. Cookie policy
12.1. About cookies

instantCMR website uses cookies. By using this website and agreeing to this policy, you consent to instantCMR’s use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.
Cookies are files sent by web servers to web browsers, and stored by the web browsers.
The information is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. This enables a web server to identify and track web browsers.
There are two main kinds of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you close your browser, whereas persistent cookies remain stored on your computer until deleted, or until they reach their expiry date.

12.2. Cookies on the instantCMR website
We use cookies for the following reasons on our website:
– Session cookies: we store your ’session id’, so when you come back to instantCMR you don’t have to sign in all the time
– Google analytics: instantCMR uses Google Analytics to analyse the use of this website. Google Analytics generates statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies, which are stored on users’ computers. The information generated relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of the website. Google will store and use this information. Google’s privacy policy is available at

13. instantCMR complies with the following legislation under Hungarian Law (which are fully compatible with EU regulation):
– 2003. / C (Eht.)
– 2011. CXII. (Infotv.)

14. If you choose to use instantCMR any dispute over privacy is subject to this Notice, and our GTC, including limitations on damages, resolution of disputes, and application of the law of Hungary.

15. Customer service
In case you have any questions or comments, please give us a shout at

16. Changes to this Privacy Policy
instantCMR reserves the right to change the content of this Privacy Policy any time, without prior notification. All changes come into effect upon publication on our website.
On this link you will always find the current Privacy Policy.

17 . Effective as of 1 February 2017